Fusion Church is a new church "plant" affiliated with the New York Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God, we are a Pentecostal church.

Our Purpose

 Why Fusion Church exists can be summarized:

  1. Bring People In
  2. Raise Disciples Up
  3. Send Messengers Out

Our name Fusion is an engineering term. Fusion is a process by which two distinct elements are brought together, power or energy is applied and a single new element results. We exist to bring people far from God in, introduce them to Jesus and through the transforming power of the Cross ”fusion” will take place and what the Bible calls “a new person” will result (2 Corinthians 5:17).

We will challenge new believers through teaching, preaching and opportunities for service to become committed disciples of Jesus Christ. The end result will be messengers capable of sharing “good news” and inviting people far from God into a fusion relationship with Jesus.